The latest waterproofing technology for expert roof waterproofing solutions

IKEA store logo

Located near the airport in Vilnius, Lithuania, IKEA has a mammoth store – and a message for new arrivals to the city. The words “Welcome to IKEA” are emblazoned across the rooftop in a polyester scrim reinforced waterproofing membrane.

While all waterproofing roofing systems aren’t quite so obviously flashy, the right waterproofing products do make a difference to our award-winning waterproofing design and remediation.

Here’s the Danrae Group round up of new technology that is helping us deliver comprehensive waterproofing solutions for clients in the strata, construction, civil, commercial and government sectors.

Amazing rooftop garden

Waterproofing with a message

The IKEA rooftop in Vilnius uses a PVC roofing membrane system. It’s a little different to the one we used at IKEA Tempe. Roofing membrane systems consist of multiple layers or parts that seamlessly work to prevent water ingress to the property. These include the roof insulation, waterproofing membrane, flashing and accessories.

New to Australia is a reverse roofing membrane system. It differs from traditional systems by positioning the installation beneath a reflective roof membrane.

We use various types of membranes with this system, including single-ply, modified bitumen and PVC from brands including Fatra, Soprema and Sika Australia.

Quality roofing membrane systems are often environmentally friendly and energy efficient. As with all of our waterproofing projects, the Danrae team will first assess your site and recommend the most suitable membrane for the property and environment.

Man working on the tunnel

Sealing for watertight concrete

New from leading brand Suko is a re-injectable hose that’s ideal for sealing construction and connection joints in concrete structures.

With SikaFuko® VT-2, we can inject materials such as acrylate and cement suspensions for multiple applications, or polyurethane and epoxy resins for single injection.

The products work for various types of structures and construction methods and are particularly suited to those that need additional joint security and safety, such as tunnels, retaining walls and dams.

With the ability to reinject membrane into a crack or damaged section, we’re able to provide a fast, quality fix before the issue escalates. Finding the issue in time is crucial, which is why this works most effectively with our preventative maintenance plans.

Balconies in a building

A high performance eco coating

The construction sector is continually looking for more sustainable solutions, and this is one of our favourites.

Waterproofing cork spray is a relatively new technology that is essentially a spray-on waterproofing membrane. Cork is a natural fire retardant with impressive thermal conductivity, making it a smart, energy-efficient waterproofing choice.

Additionally, it’s seamless and flexible, so ideal for a wide variety of property types and locations including flat roofs, basements and interiors.

Outdoor planter with green planting on the building

An added fix for planter boxes

Cracked or crumbling planter boxes can play havoc with rooftop or balcony waterproofing, so it’s essential to have a robust waterproofing solution that takes into account potential damage from spreading roots.

Ardex Root Repell™ is a great product that has a plant root repellent impregnated within the membrane. It works to repel roots away from the membrane without killing them. It helps protect plants and preserve the structural integrity of the planter box.

We’ve had good success with this root-inhibiting waterproofing membrane for a project at Wollongong Golf Club, and would recommend it for planter boxes in strata or commercial settings.

Permanent and comprehensive waterproofing solutions

Danrae Group has been providing expert waterproofing for decades, and one reason we remain a leader is that we keep abreast of new waterproofing technology and developments across the industry.

We’re committed to quality in our waterproofing diagnostic, design, remediation and preventative maintenance, and choosing the right product to work with is just part of our ongoing process.

If you’re in strata, commercial, civil, government or construction, contact us for a comprehensive, compliant and long-term waterproofing solution. Read more about roof waterproofing.

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