A distinctive waterproofing solution for Audi

Parking lot with Audi logo

With decades of experience and an extensive in-house team of waterproofers and trade professionals, Danrae Group has comprehensive capability in large-scale waterproofing across the commercial, strata, civil and government sectors. And our clients include major names like IKEA, Westmead Hospital and Sydney’s Royal Botanic Gardens.

In 2020 we completed a major project for Audi Centre Sydney that involved rooftop membrane waterproofing and corporate branding.

Here’s how we delivered a comprehensive waterproofing solution for a global leader – with an innovative solution, expert team and end-to-end project management.

Audi flag

About the Audi project

Audi is recognised internationally as a premium car producer, and their local headquarters and flagship dealership is Audi Centre Sydney, located in Zetland.

The company contacted Danae Group last year, in need of a comprehensive waterproofing solution for the rooftop car park… and something more.

As part of our solution design, we proposed a liquid membrane system for the roof – branded with Audi’s distinctive four-ring logo. Our corporate branded membranes are innovative waterproofing solutions that can also function as, in this case, aerial signage and large-scale car park advertising.

Aerial view of IKEA building

Corporate branded waterproofing membranes

For our clients such as Audi who own their properties, corporate branding provides a simple way to elevate their brand to new heights.

There are a number of techniques for corporate branding so we will recommend the one that best fits the client’s waterproofing needs. For dark lettering on a light grey background, for instance, we can use an elastomeric sheet such as PVC or TPO.

We would first install the membrane as per our usual process, then apply the logo or lettering cut from the reverse side of a membrane sheet. If using liquid membranes, we apply all required standard membrane coats then add additional coats in a dark colour.

As with all of our projects, we provide end-to-end project management, which may include diagnostic and remediation, site preparation and post-project rubbish removal, crane hire, council permits and tenant liaison.

Parking lot with Audi logo

Our Audi waterproofing solution

Wayne Spiteri, Project Manager with Danrae Group, explains that the Audi rooftop waterproofing, while striking, was relatively straightforward for our skilled team.

“We needed to include the four rings of the logo in the waterproofing membrane. Audi provided us with a digital logo, which we had commercially printed to use as a template. From memory, the final version was around 12m in length and 3m wide.”

At the heart of every corporate branding project is a quality waterproofing solution. In this case, we decided on a roll-applied trafficable liquid membrane.

“After site preparation, our team laid the initial five-coat membrane system on the car park rooftop. We then laid the logo template on top and completed several additional liquid membrane coats in the darker colour to fill in the logo.”

Danrae Group is very aware that some projects – in hospitals, strata properties or car parks such as this one – may impact tenants or client customers. So, we will work around the clock if needed to complete the project as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Man on the rooftop smiling at the camera

Capability for every project

Danrae Group has the capability to design and deliver comprehensive projects including diagnostic, solution design, waterproofing, remediation and preventative maintenance.

So, whether we’re treating concrete cancer or providing large-scale corporate branding, we ensure every solution is of the highest quality, compliant with all relevant industry regulations and Australian Standards… and permanent.

If you need a quality waterproofing solution – or to make a mark with corporate branding, please contact us. Read more about our waterproofing experts.

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