How Danrae Group provides high quality, compliant roof remediation

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Danrae Group started as a small family business, and we’ve grown to become a leader in waterproofing solutions for strata, construction, civil, commercial and government projects. Our full capability includes diagnostic, solution design, remediation and preventative maintenance – that consistently meets strict regulatory standards.

We provide expert commercial roof leak repair and waterproofing thanks to our skilled and certified in-house team, proven processes and end-to-end project management.

Here’s how we provide compliant roof remediation… and why it’s central to an efficient and long-lasting waterproofing solution.

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Meeting robust industry standards

The Building Code of Australia (BCA) creates and enforces building regulatory legislation across all states and territories. The standards include technical guidelines and requirements for design and construction, including areas such as safety, energy efficiency – and waterproofing.

As we’ve previously reported, the NSW Government also introduced two key pieces of legislation in recent years, designed to improve standards across the industry.

Under the new legislation, all building and waterproofing contractors must be registered and insured, and an occupation certificate (OC) will be issued only if work meets BCA requirements. The NSW Building Commissioner can advise against OCs if there is evidence of any defects, putting a stop to construction.

At Danrae Group, we have a thorough knowledge of all industry standards, and the capability and processes to deliver every waterproofing solution seamlessly. Every team member is qualified, experienced and certified to work across both small and large-scale projects.

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Full capability for commercial roof leak repair

Danrae Group provides holistic waterproofing solutions, so we will diagnose the root cause of your roof leak using a variety of technology and tests, before designing a waterproofing solution using premium waterproofing membranes and products.

To make sure we maintain the highest standards, we have an expert in-house team of waterproofers trained to work with every brand and every type of membrane, including torch-on bitumen.

In addition, with roofers, tilers, builders, electricians and other trades experts at hand, we oversee every detail of a roof remediation project to guarantee full compliance… and outstanding quality.

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Proven processes and project management

Our roof remediation process often involves site preparation, demolition, temporary removal of rooftop equipment such as large air-conditioning units if required, surface preparation, membrane installation and clean up on project completion.

Our in-house team also takes care of all repairs and rebuilding, including cladding, tiling and carpentry.

Our project management begins before we arrive on site.

We’ll organise everything from council permits to crane hire to traffic control and all stakeholder communication. We also manage all aspects of site induction to ensure a safe project for our team and yours.

By project managing from quote to completion, we can track every stage to keep projects to timeframe, budget – and all industry standards.

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Why certified waterproofing matters

It’s imperative that every commercial roof leak repair is of utmost quality to meet compliance standards – and to future proof your waterproofing.

Shoddy workmanship is one of the main causes of waterproofing failures. A small leak will ultimately lead to bigger problems – such as concrete spalling or concrete cancer – which will need extensive remediation. It may also affect the structural integrity, and value, of your property.

The best strategy to ensure quality waterproofing is to choose a qualified, skilled and expert waterproofer who understands roof waterproofing issues and solutions for all areas of a building, including flat roofs, balconies, rooftop gardens and basements.

Please contact us for expert, fully compliant and outstanding commercial roof leak repair. Read more articles about waterproofing experts.

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