A Danrae Group guide to roof remediation

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Danrae Group is committed to first-class and long-term permanent waterproofing solutions. We look after every aspect from solution design to post-project preventative maintenance. And by overseeing complete project management, we can ensure first-class roof remediation.

Every roof, however effective your waterproofing solution, may need repairs from time to time due to external factors. Flat roofs can be prone to environmental damage. And for those with an ineffective waterproofing design or a poorly installed membrane, you will require significant remediation at some stage.

Our roof remediation process is comprehensive and includes leak detection and testing, solution design to suit your property and budget, waterproofing, site repairs, construction, clean up – and ongoing preventative maintenance plans. Here’s what to expect.

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Testing and leak detection

When commercial property and strata managers contact us with a waterproofing issue or signs of water damage, the first stage will generally involve leak detection. And to ensure thorough and effective detection, we use a range of testing methods.

Precise targeting of the root cause is crucial for us to devise the optimum solution design for concrete cancer, concrete spalling, liquid damp coursing, efflorescence or any other issue.

Our testing methods include traditional water testing, Electric Field Vector Mapping (EFVM) and InfraRed Detection.

Our highly skilled diagnostic team will assess your site to determine suitable testing methods. We can excavate tiny sections of planter boxes for instance and locate the smallest leaks in balconies and roof crevices. With water testing, we generally start from the ground floor and methodically work our way towards the property roof.

On completion of the inspection and testing phase, we provide customers with a report outlining the issue/s and recommended remediation.

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Comprehensive roof remediation processes

Our roof remediation process can involve several steps depending on the nature and extent of the issue, the type of property, and the variety of membrane to be installed. In general it might include a combination of the following:

  • Leak detection
  • Site preparation, such as the installation of safety barriers on high rise
  • Demolition – to access leak source and existing membrane
  • Temporary removal of rooftop equipment such as large air-conditioning units (reinstalled on completion)
  • Surface preparation including clean
  • Laying of primer (dependant on membrane type)
  • Laying of new membrane plus surface layers
  • Site repairs and rebuilding such as cladding, tiling, carpentry or other required trades work
  • Site clean and rubbish removal

With an extensive team of in-house waterproofers and tradies, we complete all work ourselves to ensure it comes together seamlessly. To guarantee our quality, we also triple test every solution, with internal, external and supplier testers.

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Tailored waterproofing solutions

The Danrae team is committed to quality work, and we’ll restore your site to optimum condition. It means we also tailor every roof remediation project.

We’re highly experienced in sites such as hospital and strata apartment blocks where we need to be very conscious of patients, staff and tenants. We’ll hire 130 tonne cranes and even professional abseilers to access difficult sites. And we look after every detail of project management including council permits and stakeholder correspondence.

Finally, for customers on tight budgets, we may be able to offer localised repairs for a cost-effective shorter-term solution.

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Maintenance plans for cost-effective roof remediation

Hand in hand with quality roof remediation is preventative maintenance. We offer preventative maintenance plans to every customer on completion of a project, and we find it’s the best way to catch any issues or defects before they escalate.

With a preventative maintenance plan, we can provide annual checks of your roof and waterproofing membrane to ensure it hasn’t sustained any damage due to extreme heat or storms, subsequent site work or other issues.

The most important point to remember with waterproofing issues, is that they don’t resolve themselves… and they will worsen. Any issues as such need to be addressed quickly.

Danrae Group always delivers effective roof remediation and a quality waterproofing solution. Please contact us to find out more. Read more about roof waterproofing.

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