A day with… Jonathan Dupont

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As a Project Manager for Danrae Group, Jonathan Dupont plays a key role in the delivery of our large-scale strata, construction, civil, commercial and government projects.

He oversees our commercial waterproofing contractors on site at regular intervals through every stage of waterproofing and remediation.

I’m responsible for larger projects and I will generally visit two sites every day to check in with the foreman and the teams. I see what the boys are doing on-site and monitor safety and quality.”

Here’s what that involves, and how it helps ensure we deliver expert and optimal waterproofing solutions for every customer.

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Maintaining site safety

Like much of the Danrae Group team, Jonathan works simultaneously across several projects.

I generally visit two sites every morning, which means I’m covering all of my projects at least once a week. Most of these projects will last anything from a couple of weeks to two or three months.”

Danrae’s commercial waterproofing contractors have a full awareness of safety procedures and are height safety trained. “I really just check on the small things during the daily inspections like making sure the boys are using the harness correctly, working in the correct location and wearing all required PPE (personal protective equipment),” says Jonathan.

With weekly inspections, we can ensure every project maintains optimal safety standards from site induction through to final sign off.

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Ensuring quality remediation and waterproofing

A secondary purpose of the weekly site inspection is to ensure quality is maintained at every stage of every waterproofing and remediation project.

I meet with the foreman on every job to discuss what they are going to achieve that day and to see if the team met all required objectives for the previous day. If they didn’t meet targets due to factors like a delayed delivery, for instance, we look at best options to remedy the situation and get back on track.”

Danrae provides a quality workmanship guarantee for every job, whether we’re working on a flat roof, basement or balcony.

I always look at the details when I visit to see how the team is working and ensure the work meets our quality standards,” advises Jonathan.

Jonathan also completes quality reports for each project and instructs project foremen on quality reporting. The reports are used to track aspects including membrane condition after testing.

As part of our comprehensive project management, Danrae provides full testing and handover details on the completion of every project. Our quality reporting through the project duration ensures we catch and remedy any potential issues early, for a smooth final handover.

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Informing and meeting

Back in the office, Jonathan spends several hours catching up on paperwork and responding to emails. “I’m generally in contact with our own teams, or with strata or construction managers. I get lots of enquiries about project details or warranty information, for instance.

The Danrae Group team also meets regularly to discuss schedules and the status of current and future projects. As Jonathan explains, regular team meetings are key to successful project delivery.

We have a lot of meetings, and it helps us complete and hand over every project to specification and to timeframe.”

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Growing with Danrae

Jonathan has been with Danrae Group for a year and a half, and he sees it as a company in evolution.

We began as a small family company, and we’re now a leader in waterproofing solutions for leading companies like Audi and IKEA, for major hospitals and large-scale construction and civil projects.

I really like working with Danrae. We’re continually growing and taking on larger projects. It keeps it challenging and always interesting.”

The Danrae team excels at comprehensive waterproofing including diagnostic, solution design, remediation, preventative maintenance and even corporate branding. For a high-quality waterproofing solution for your project, please contact us. Read more about our waterproofing experts.

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