Four essential traits of professional waterproofers

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Quality waterproofing is crucial to protect the condition and value of any strata or commercial property. And central to quality waterproofing is a skilled team.

At Danrae Group, we’re proud to have exceptional in-house waterproofers, many of whom have additional trades experience.

There are several traits every professional waterproofer needs – and we’ve put together our top four.

It’s these skills that help ensure every Danrae customer receives first class leak detection, solution design, waterproofing, remediation and preventative maintenance.

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Comprehensive training and experience

Professional waterproofers need qualifications and a licence, as waterproofing is a formal trade.

The Western Australian government’s, Construction Training Fund has published a Waterproofing Skill Set, which neatly summarises some key areas of a waterproofing role. It includes:

  • Prepare surfaces for waterproofing application
  • Apply waterproofing process to external wet areas
  • Apply and install sealant and sealant devices
  • Prepare for construction waterproofing process
  • Apply waterproofing process to below ground level wet areas
  • Apply waterproofing remedial processes
  • Work safely at heights

Our waterproofers are qualified, licenced and very experienced in every aspect of waterproofing and every location – including waterproofing for flat roofs, balconies, basements and planter boxes.

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Trained in multiple membrane types

What some customers may not realise is that waterproofers also need specific supplier training to lay a membrane. Brands including Sika Australia, Parchem, Fosroc, Ardex and Bayset sell only to waterproofers who are trained in their products. We’re one of the few in the industry with an expansive team trained to work with every quality brand.

Each variety of membrane – elastomeric sheet, acrylic liquid system, solvent based polyurethane or torch on modified bitumen – also involves different application techniques.

Torch-on for instance, is heat activated. Waterproofers apply it to the surface by moving a blow torch methodically over each section, add a layer of polymer on top for extra strength and then bond the edges, again via blow torch. It’s not a common skill in Australia, but we’re fortunate to have two team members who are torch-on specialists.

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Supplementary trades skill

Danrae’s end-to-end project management includes full remediation for every waterproofing repair. In addition to debris removal, safety and surface preparation and membrane installation, our team handles every aspect of demolition, repair and rebuild.

In addition to extensive waterproofing, our team members have diverse trades backgrounds in areas including building, carpentry, tiling, bricklaying, rendering and plastering. They’re highly experienced with hand tools and in construction sites.

We often work with strata rooftops that might have swimming pools and decking. When we finish our job, we make sure everything is restored to perfection. And by keeping project management in-house, we can guarantee every project will come together seamlessly.

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Dedicated to a job well done

Our fourth trait of exceptional waterproofing isn’t a technique – but it is crucial. Our team members are passionate about quality work, and about efficient and effective customer solutions.

It’s this dedication to a job well done which helps ensure our waterproofers are leaders in the field. With our first class team, top technology and decades of experience, our customers can expect a comprehensive and permanent waterproofing solution.

Contact us if you have a waterproofing issue or if you need a new waterproofing solution – from the waterproofing experts. Read more about waterproofing techniques.

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