Waterproofing roofs for different weather conditions

Location does matter – especially when it comes to waterproofing. As an expert waterproofer with longstanding experience across leak detection, solution design, waterproofing, remediation and preventative maintenance, Danrae Group provides comprehensive solutions tailored to client and project.

Our waterproofing process takes into account the type of property, usage and environment, because different weather conditions may require different approaches. Climate may impact on our choice of membrane, our method of membrane application and on our preventative maintenance recommendations.

Here’s what you need to know about the three key ways that weather affects our end-to-end waterproofing solutions for strata, civil, construction, government and commercial.

Membrane choice

The two main categories of membrane are liquid and sheet and there are several subcategories, including PVC, TPO, peel and stick, and injection products. Every membrane variety has certain properties that align it to a particular area of a property – such as basements, balconies or flat roofs – and environmental conditions.

Membranes are primarily designed to repel water, but they also need to be breathable to permit the escape of moisture vapours and be compatible with surrounding materials. Environmental factors are central to membrane selection. Membranes for external areas exposed to the weather are typically UV stable, heat reflective and flexible enough to allow for normal structural movement.

The wrong membrane choice for any location will make a difference… and likely reduce performance and longevity.

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Membrane installation

Climate really comes into play during waterproofing installation. Manufacturers design and comprehensively test waterproofing products to be used in specific conditions. From one project to the next, however – and sometimes one day to the next – circumstances can vary enormously.

Extreme weather and temperatures can affect membrane installation in a number of ways. The temperature of a dark substrate exposed to strong sunlight, for instance, may rise up to ten degrees higher than air temperature, which can prevent it curing correctly.

Extreme cold, humidity, rain, snow and winds can also affect drying times – or trap moisture on the inside so it doesn’t cure at all.

The problem with a membrane that doesn’t dry correctly is that it can either cause immediate damage such as holes or tears, or it can perform initially but fail prematurely.

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Preventative Maintenance Plans

With decades of experience providing end-to-end waterproofing projects, we know the ins and outs of waterproofing, but sometimes mother nature can play havoc with even the most detailed planning.

Extreme heat waves or wild storms may cause incidental damage that impacts membrane performance. A fallen tree across a balcony, for instance, could cause surface cracks or holes that allow for water ingress. Similarly, leaves and berries from overhanging trees can block drains and allow for a build-up of moisture.

While unexpected damage from extreme events isn’t always predictable, we can prepare for it with preventative maintenance. We provide tailored preventative maintenance plans with every project. With regular inspections, we can catch any issues such as concrete spalling or concrete cancer at the onset… which allows for a faster and more cost-effective repair.

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Expert waterproofing solutions

Danrae Group has an expert team of waterproofers with years of experience, and many have additional trades expertise. It means we have full capability to provide not just expert waterproofing solutions… but comprehensive project management.

We combine our vast knowledge of waterproofing techniques and flexibility to design a waterproofing solution that works.

We can work around the clock to avoid extreme heat or cold if needed, use enclosures or fans to ensure an optimal curing environment, and we store all our waterproofing brands at optimal temperatures.

So please contact us if you need high quality, compliant and guaranteed waterproofing solutions, for all weather conditions. Read more about roof waterproofing.

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