Maintaining effective waterproofing with a building health check

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With decades of experience across all aspects of waterproofing diagnostic, solution design and remediation, Danrae Group can advise you on best practice to avoid major and costly waterproofing repairs.

An effective procedure – and an essential one for every strata or commercial manager – is a building health check. A building health check can help ensure you have an effective waterproofing solution in place, identify the signs of common issues such as concrete spalling and concrete cancer, and take adequate steps to protect your current waterproofing.

Here’s the Danrae Group guide to building health checks for every commercial, strata and government property.

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Checking your waterproofing design

Effective waterproofing requires a bespoke approach that takes into account property usage, location and environment. The best waterproofing membrane for a major hospital rooftop, for instance, may differ from our choice for an apartment block rooftop with a tennis court and swimming pool.

Comprehensive waterproofing also generally includes membrane installation in several locations across a property, including balconies and basements.

As a first stage in your building health check, it’s recommended that you assess every area in your building, including internal locations such as lift shafts and basements plus balconies, rooftops and planter boxes.

Any signs of water damage or ingress may indicate a larger problem that needs rectifying, or the need for a new, tailored solution design.

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Understanding signs of waterproofing issues

It’s important to be clear that any waterproofing issue, however small, will worsen if left untreated. It may also leave your building more susceptible to storm damage. A building health check is the time to look for indications of water damage, but it’s very important to know what you’re looking at.

One of the most common issues we see at Danrae is concrete cancer. High rise strata and other commercial concrete buildings contain an internal steel framework that may begin to corrode on exposure to air or water.

Concrete spalling describes the state when the concrete begins to degrade or break away. Concrete cancer refers to the spread – and worsening – of concrete spalling. Common signs include cracking, crumbling or flaking concrete, rust stains or bubbling paint – plus leaks in the roof and walls. There are several other issues such as efflorescence that may have similar signs.

Danrae is committed to waterproofing education, so we provide information on waterproofing issues via our blog and our monthly Lunch and Learn online seminar series.

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Maintaining your effective waterproofing

Prevention is a key part of efficient and cost-effective waterproofing, so the third aspect of a building health check is to ensure you have effective prevention in place. There are several factors that may affect a quality waterproofing solution, ranging from cockatoos pecking at membranes, to accidental damage from other trades work.

Danrae recommends a waterproofing maintenance plan for every client. Preventative maintenance is ideal to catch issues early and help preserve waterproofing longevity. Early intervention helps ensure minor issues don’t escalate into major repairs that might also need extensive and costly remediation.

Key benefits include property preservation and warranty protection. For strata buildings, it can also protect property value by eliminating major repairs that must be recorded with strata history.

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Effective and integrated waterproofing solutions

Danrae Group understands waterproofing implicitly. We provide end-to-end waterproofing that includes solution design and remediation. And we provide full project management.

With a diverse and skilled team of waterproofers, builders, tilers and other tradies at hand, we can help keep your waterproofing in top shape and your property in pristine condition.

If you need help with a building health check, or any other waterproofing solution, please contact us. Read more waterproofing maintenance articles.

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