A day with… Tom Choueiki

Tom Choueiki

As Danrae Group’s Warehouse and Purchasing Manager, Tom Choueiki is the go-to for all project materials and tools. He works with our project managers and expert waterproofers to ensure we’re equipped for every diagnostic, remediation and waterproofing project.

While he’s often behind the scenes, Tom plays a vital role in the delivery of our end-to-end project management and waterproofing solutions.

Here’s what’s involved to ensure we’re equipped for every strata, construction, civil, commercial and government project.

Gallon of Waterproofing mortar

Purchasing and project preparation

Danrae Group delivers waterproofing solutions including flat roof waterproofing and large-scale roofing remediation for schools, strata blocks and major names including IKEA and Audi.

A lot of planning goes into every project, and Tom helps ensure seamless delivery by making sure we have the right materials in stock and on site from day one.

He plans ahead to purchase any waterproofing membranes or accessories needed for upcoming projects – and regularly keeps in contact with the project team to ensure there are no material shortages. On very large projects, that may mean breaking the delivery of the material into stages.

“I work with the estimators and project managers at an early stage to get the team sorted with all the materials they’ll need for the project duration. There is an array of things that might pop up, so we need to avoid any material shortages. We definitely don’t want the guys standing around with no materials, unable to work.”

Flat roof installation with propane blowtorch

Keeping teams equipped

Tom purchases materials and tools based on project estimations, and stocks a range of products. “I don’t like to carry an abundance of stock, but it’s important to have options on hand in case of anything urgent. I source from multiple brands including Sika, Ardex and Bayset, and our products include PVC, silicone, torch-on and bitumen-based membranes, bathroom waterproofing products and floor products.”

Danrae is an expert in flat roof waterproofing and waterproofing across balconies, basements, planter boxes and rooftop gardens. Our extensive in-house team means we provide full remediation services, so we need the tools on hand.

“We have injection guns, jackhammers, vacuums, floor grinders, drop saws and water pumps,” says Tom. He tags every tool, assigns them to team members and has regular checks to ensure they’re in good working order.

He organises delivery to each project site, either directly from suppliers… or by jumping in the van and delivering them himself.

Director use mobile phone at desktop table at office

Staying informed

The purchasing side of his role means Tom knows the brands that provide high-quality and effective waterproofing materials – and he’s always alert to new products.

“It’s not vital, but I do like to research products and look at datasheets and videos to get up to speed.

I also enjoy building ongoing relationships with the suppliers to get information, find out more about particular materials and to liaise re pricing.”

Tom enjoys learning and it’s one reason he loves working at Danrae. “If I am after extra information or interested in learning about something, Daniel (Caruana, CEO) always helps. He’s very supportive of any of the team who want training or additional learning.”

A group picture outside the office

Working collaboratively

The Danrae team works collaboratively to deliver our first-class diagnostic, solution design, remediation and preventative maintenance. And that means we meet regularly.

“We have short, daily ‘huddles’ to discuss current projects and any issues. That way, if there’s a problem, we can assign a team and action it immediately. We also have regular operations team huddles to schedule upcoming projects and discuss materials.”

Tom believes communication is a big part of efficient waterproofing delivery. “Prior to Danrae, I worked for three major banks, and they didn’t have half the communication Danrae does. Honestly, Danrae is the best place I’ve ever worked – with the processes, the family environment, the support. Everyone’s input matters.”

If you’re in need of expert waterproofing from an expert and dedicated team, please contact us.

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