The Danrae Group 2021 waterproofing company wrap

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As an essential services provider, Danrae Group continued to deliver our waterproofing solutions through the extended Sydney lockdown this year – including first-class diagnostic, solution design, waterproofing, remediation and preventative maintenance.

In 2021 we also added to our waterproofing capability, we were ready when the NSW Government introduced legislative changes to ensure high standards across the industry, and we showcased our expertise for clients including hospitals, schools and luxury vehicle showrooms.

Here’s more on our activities this year, with our 2021 Danrae Group company wrap.

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Expanding our waterproofing services

Danrae Group are the waterproofing experts. We take hold of end-to-end project management, with our in-house team and full suite capability.

We’ve expanded our services to include corporate branding for rooftops, and this year, we further showcased our diverse expertise including waterproofing expansion joints and lift pit waterproofing.

In October, we also unveiled our new roof maintenance plans centred on our industry-leading and unique waterproofing guarantee. A full workmanship guarantee is something still quite rare in our industry. Our standard waterproofing plans include the usual manufacturing warranty – plus our six-year installation guarantee.

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Addressing licencing and standards

The NSW Building Commissioner industry amendments were big news this year. In a series of articles, we looked at how the building reforms and the new Design & Practitioners Act will help strengthen quality waterproofing and weed out the shoddy workmanship that is still leading to major building defects.

We provided an overview of waterproofing Australian Standards, we explained how our roof remediation meets strict regulatory standards and advised why you should always use a licenced waterproofer to guarantee you have a waterproofing company with the qualifications, skills and expertise for your project.

Compliant waterproofing is essential for a quality job, and it’s also more cost-effective over the long term. As we reported in August, compliant waterproofing can save you thousands.

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Updating you on waterproofing techniques

At Danrae Group, we place a priority on education for our clients across the construction, civil, commercial, strata and government sectors. Earlier this year, we presented a series of Lunch ‘n’ Learn online seminars covering common issues including concrete spalling and concrete cancer.

Our website articles also covered waterproofing problems, remedies and techniques. We addressed common flat roof waterproofing problems and considerations when waterproofing heritage buildings, in order to meet heritage guidelines and preserve every property’s unique character.

Our articles on waterproofing statistics, waterproofing insurance and apartment waterproofing were designed to provide practical tools for strata and property managers, to ensure you can make informed choices.

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Providing first-class client solutions

We showcased just a few of our diverse projects this year including our large-scale waterproofing for hospitals and a major waterproofing project at the heritage-listed SCEGGS Redlands school.

Our waterproofing solution for Redlands involved drainage redirection, fabrication and installation of concrete planter boxes, plus an extensive remediation process.

We also completed a major project for Audi’s Australian flagship, Audi Centre Sydney, in Zetland.

As part of our solution design, we proposed a liquid membrane system for the roof – branded with Audi’s distinctive four-ring logo. Our corporate branding is an innovative way for your waterproofing membrane to also function as aerial signage and advertising.

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Growing our family business

With our origins as a family business, we’re proud of the family values that drive our expert waterproofing company.

This year we looked at the features that make a waterproofing specialist. We took you behind the scenes with a day in the life of Jonathan, Tom and Darren. And we explained why Danrae Group is the first choice for an expert waterproofing career.

More recently, we were also delighted to welcome the newest member of the family. Our CEO, Daniel Caruana, and Rosa welcomed the gorgeous Lily Marie, who is also granddaughter to our founders Ron and Lillian Caruana, and niece to Renee Spiteri, our Marketing and Operations Administrator.

Danrae Group thanks all of our customers for your continued support this year and we look forward to working together in 2022. Please contact us to discuss your next project.

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